2014, November and already a Solar Record Year

November was a poor month in 2014, the lowest so far. But as mentioned last month, I only needed 37 kWs to make it a record year. And we’ve done it. What’s even more impressive is that there’s still a month of solar harvesting to go 🙂

November 2014 Generation Stats
Month Total: 63.81 kW
Best day: 6.27 kW 04/11/2014
Worst day: 0.01 kW 21/11/2014
Generation per kW/panel: 31.91 kW
Daily average: 2.13 kW

November 2014 Solar Figures

October 2014 Solar Electricity Yield

Overall this year is turning out to be very good. With two solar generation months still left to run, I only require 37 kWs to make it the best year so far. And that’s after last year’s magnificent return of 2,049 kWS.

October 2014 Generation Stats
Month Total: 123.10 kW
Best day: 8.69 kW 10/10/2014
Worst day: 0.34 kW 28/10/2014
Generation per kW/panel: 61.55 kW
Daily average: 3.97 kW

October 14 stats

2014 Solar Results – September

The 9th month of the year gave a good electricity yield, not the best September, but still better than the poor return experienced in the same month of 2013!

September 2014 Generation Stats
Month Total: 181.49 kW
Best day: 10.71 kW 09/09/2014
Worst day: 2.01 kW 20/09/2014
Generation per kW/panel: 90.74 kW
Daily average: 6.05 kW

September 2014 stats

Record Year of Solar Generation

2013 Was the best year so far from my South, South-East solar panel array in what has been and interesting and enlightening Solar Panel Journey. Although the year started a little slow with the first three months down considerably compared to January, February and March 2012, it was then boosted with a very good summer of electricity generation!

This record year was achieved with some great figures during the warmer months including July which surpassed any expectations and broke the previous highest monthly yield by some way.

The year ended 50 kWs up on the previous twelve-months 🙂

Zero Solar Generation Day!

I had thought by now after having my solar panel system for over two years that I’d probably experienced all the bests and lows. However on the 23/12/13 I had my first zero generation day 🙁 And before you ask – was the system at fault, I can safely say everything was working fine but the weather was dreadful – one of the most bleakest and dimmest days I’ve seen for years!

Even with the lowest generation day possible within a month of extremely wet weather December still ended on par with the previous year. This final month of 2013 generated a solar electricity yield total of 60.45 kWs.

The final December solar generation figures are:

December Generation Stats
Best day: 4.84 kW 29/12/2013
Worst day: 0.00 kW 23/12/2013
Generation per kW/panel: 30.23 kW
Daily average: 1.95 kW

December 2013 Solar Generation Statistics

November 2013 Solar Generation Figures

November 2013’s solar electricity generation was slightly up on the previous year with a total of 87.98 kWs. It should help bring in my best year to date if the array receives an average yield next month!

The final November solar generation figures are:

November Generation Stats
Best day: 7.05 kW 04/11/2013
Worst day: 0.47 kW 17/11/2013
Generation per kW/panel: 43.99 kW
Daily average: 2.93 kW

November 2013 Solar Generation Statistics